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 Five Nights of Roleplay: Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Five Nights of Roleplay: Roleplay Rules   Fri Jun 19, 2015 11:12 pm

Roleplaying can be confusing at times, especially to those who are new to it. So, these rules are here—well, guidelines, really—to make roleplaying easier to understand for all. All roleplaying topics are located under the roleplaying categories.

1. No extreme paradoxing, if it is obvious the topic would have been done before the other topic than yes the character would have memory of it.

2. If you post in a certain condition or such in a topic, they stay in that condition in a topic, your character does not randomly know things and change physically in the middle of a topic.

3. Please don't post in old topics. Check the date on the latest post if you are unsure if it's recent. After about a month, it's considered an old topic.

4. Don't control another member's character in topics. Only control your own.

5. Give members a chance to post. Please don't reply in a straight back and forth unless you are getting targeted or they are referring to you exactly.

6. Don't add random things into the topic unless someone said you could or the creator of the topic does it themselves.

7. Role-play in third person. Because you aren't actually the character, they're just your character. 

Okay: Reese walked through the factory and moved some boxes.

Not Okay: I walked through the factory and moved some boxes. 

8. All role-playing topics are in past-tense.

9. Please try to write with good grammar and spelling. It's sometimes hard for others to read someones post if it doesn't have punctuation or all the words have typos

10. You may have up to three robotic characters. You may buy slots for more robotic characters or security guards.

11. You may not make any site wide plots without an administrator's permission.

12. Absolutely no Godmodding. You will get injured, you will miss things, and you will be able to lose.

13. Absolutely no sexual scenes on the forum. You can show love and passion between two characters without sex. 

Creator of FNoR

PM me if you need help with anything.

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Five Nights of Roleplay: Roleplay Rules
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