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 Five Nights of Roleplay: Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Five Nights of Roleplay: Forum Rules   Fri Jun 19, 2015 11:16 pm

1. You must be at least 13 years of age to register an account due to site and FNAF game content. Anyone found to be under this age will have their account banned immediately. Any members banned due to this may e-mail the administrative email on the day of their 13th birthday to have their account access restored.

2. Each member is permitted one account. Our staff has access to and will use IP addresses to check for possible violations of this rule. If you have other members of your household who wish to join our forum, please let us know when they make an account to avoid punishment.

3. Members may not share accounts. We are not responsible for any information lost due to account sharing. This includes sharing account details with any other member.

4. Nothing supplied by the site, including, but not limited to, accounts, FNoR currency, or items may be sold or bought via members on the forum (or off the forum) for any real life currency or any currency existing on any other site. In light of this rule, you may not give or receive site currency.

5. Accounts cannot be sold or given away. This includes, but is not limited to, for real life currency, other site currency, or forum currency.

6. Exploitation of loopholes in the rules will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Members are obligated to report any loopholes immediately. Any members found to be exploiting any loopholes will be banned from the site.

7. All members are expected to act respectfully towards every other person on the site, including other members and site staff. Name calling, accusations, fighting, harassment, begging, spamming, and flooding the forums or the chat box are all inappropriate behaviors and may not be exhibited on the site. 

  • Spamming includes, but is not limited to, double/duplicate posting on forums or in chat, sending the same message to multiple members, ALL CAPS. 
  • Begging includes, but is not limited to, asking members for free things whether the items be on the site or off the site.

Swearing and cursing are allowed on the forum. However, curses or swears may never be directed towards other members, site staff, or the site itself, and may not be used excessively (i.e: every other word). Furthermore, any words and/or phrases which are discriminatory in nature or intention are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, any words, images, or other media that is racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise non-inclusive (i.e: “that’s so gay” or “don’t be a retard”).

8. Under no circumstances may any non-staff member impersonate any site staff. Anyone found doing this will be banned from the site.

9. Members may not share any personally identifiable information, including full names, addresses, or e-mails.

10. If a member feels that a moderator or other member of staff is behaving inappropriately, they may message any of the administrators or e-mail the administrative email with their concerns. Moderators and other site staff, excluding Soul, do not have access to the administrative email.

11. Members may not use Five Nights of Roleplay in any way to discuss or plan any activities that are illegal. Any members found doing so will be banned.

12. No pornography of any kind is permitted on the site - be it written or depicted with artwork or photos. However, you may advertise to fan work that is off the site. As long as it has a warning of the content that the link leads too.

13. Members are reminded this is an English speaking site and that all players are expected to speak in English. Please refrain from using other languages on FNoR.

14. Attempting to find a loophole in these rules, or pushing the boundaries of any of these rules will not be tolerated and may result in a strike or even a ban of not only your account, but you IP address.

15. Using any forum areas for anything other than what they are intended for is not allowed.

16. We cannot enforce anyone to keep a promise on the site. Whether it be for commissions or a promise to have your characters as best friends, we cannot do anything about helping you get what you were promised.

17. FNoR is not responsible for any off site payments. As an example, if you buy a commission from someone over Deviantart and they never draw your piece for you. Even if you found them advertising in the Art Forum, you payed them through Deviantart and we can not do anything to help you. We will however take away the privilege of advertising any off site shops.

18. No members are permitted to sell anything through Five Nights of Roleplay forum. If you wish to sell something, create your shop on another site and advertise it here in the appropriate forum.

19. Users may not use inappropriate words or slurs in their usernames, NPC names, or character names.

20. Instead of posting on topics that you know are breaking the rules, please refrain from doing so and report the issue instead.

21. Members may not post advertisements to other roleplay forums in any forums sections besides in the advertisement thread. Any advertisements must follow the advertisement rules.

22.We appreciate users wishing to help out the staff and userbase, but we request that users leave the staff to do their jobs, especially if staff is active in chat, and to refrain from mini-modding. Mini-modding can be defined as attempting to enforce rules (instead of just reminding them) while not holding a moderator or admin position on the forum.

23. If you are new to the site, please include this keyword with your first creation, just feel free to throw it somewhere in your template. This word will change every other week: Eggplant. We only include this method to make sure people read the rules. If you do not have this word, we will tell you that something is missing from your template. Please don't tell new members or others the keyword or where to find it, that would defeat the whole purpose of having it. 

23. If a staff member requests a subject or topic to be dropped in the chatbox, it must be dropped immediately.

24. Five Nights of Roleplay is not responsible for any emotional distress caused by any content on or by use of the site. Site staff tries its best to police the site for inappropriate content, but cannot guarantee the site will be completely free of it.

25. The site reserves the right to shut down at any time and for any reason, with or without prior notice. The site is under no obligation to compensate members for purchases, time spent, progress, or anything else on site.

26. These rules are subject to change at any time with or without prior notice. Members will receive notice of changes after they are made and are immediately bound by them.

Any issue not covered by the above terms and conditions will be handled at the discretion of Five Nights of Roleplay's admins and moderators.

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms, please feel free to e-mail Please be patient when awaiting an answer.

Creator of FNoR

PM me if you need help with anything.

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Five Nights of Roleplay: Forum Rules
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