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 Five Nights of Roleplay: Basic Banning Offenses

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PostSubject: Five Nights of Roleplay: Basic Banning Offenses   Fri Jun 19, 2015 11:57 pm

1. Spam

This is the act of constantly repeating messages or sending useless ones over and over. You can commit this offense in the forums, the chatbox, or in private messages.

2. Flaming

Rude behavior and constant arguing will not be tolerated. This will give you an automatic warning, and if done in the chatbox will get you kicked out as an alert that we want you to stop.

3. Two Accounts

DO NOT DO THIS. If you do you will get an automatic ban. We can tell easily if you are, so don't attempt it.


If you post pictures of genitals, self-harm, or any other offensive/disturbing content, you will be faced with varying consequences depending on the severity of the offense. 

5. Trolling

Trolls will be automatically banned and deleted.

6. Strikes

Strikes are given by Admins if you break the rules too many times. If you get three strikes, we will consider banning you.

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Five Nights of Roleplay: Basic Banning Offenses
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