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 Molly the Monkey

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PostSubject: Molly the Monkey   Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:30 pm


Name(s): Molly the Monkey
Gender(?): Female
Species: Unspecified; just picture a cute, cartoonish monkey
Body Color(s): Tan, with light pink accents on her ears and tail
Eye Color(s): Blue
Reason for Decommission: Too dangerous to be around children
Intended Function: Playing games with kids (usually involving jump ropes)
Personality: Molly is rather...disturbing, to say the least. Sure, she acts like she's a good girl who loves to play games, jump rope, swing from trees, and eat bananas, but behind this façade lies the twisted mind of the child that possesses her. Molly particularly likes to lure little boys and girls away from their families with the promise of playing a "super secret game" with them, only to choke them to death with the jump ropes she is so fond of. Once her victim stops moving, she will happily string them up by their necks with her other victims (all of which she calls her "dollies," emphasizing that she sees her victims as little more than playthings.
Unique Structural Features: Bipedal
Passive/Neutral/Aggressive: Aggressive
Backstory: Molly is a somewhat new animatronic built and paid for by Fazbear Entertainment. Only six months after she was built, however, a group of kids aged eight to thirteen decided that it would be a good idea to visit the restaurant Molly lived in. The oldest girl in the group (whom also happened to be "the weirdest," according to the other children accompanying her) decided to get a closer look at Molly. She noticed that there seemed to be just enough space for her to try and fit inside the animatronic, which she mentioned to the other children, and one of the boys dared her to go in. The girl did so, but when she tried to crawl back out of the suit, she triggered something that made Molly switch on, and the animatronic parts inside responded to this, accidentally crushing the girl still inside of Molly. When the children saw the blood leaking out of Molly's mouth, they panicked and left the pizzeria as quickly as they could. Shortly after they left, the soul of the girl trapped inside of Molly took possession of the animatronic. She hated them for leaving her, and vowed that she would a grudge against them for the rest of eternity for not attempting to save her from her death. After being forced to haunt Molly for several years, the child's spirit had lost her sanity and now took delight in killing any child she came across. This eventually led to her becoming decommissioned, though that hasn't stopped her from attempting to kill regardless.
Other(?): Several patches of Molly's fur are missing, and one of her eyes has been gouged out by Molly herself under the influence of the child's spirit. She is often seen with a crude noose made from a jump rope in hand, and blood dribbling out from her mouth.

Hee hee... C-Come and play w-with Molly M-M-Monkey...~

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PostSubject: Re: Molly the Monkey   Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:15 pm

I honestly really like this character...Mostly because I have a fondness for psycho-characters //shot
Her backstory, while a little vague here and there(which is fine since it should be a brief run of specific events anyways, which you did quite well) but overall seems to be able to work and manages to avoid being a "mary-sue", which is very good and not always easy to do when developing characters like this.

While I have nothing against this, I do want to point out, in case you want to change it to something more unique(although you don't have to), there's already multiple characters with the whole distorted, 'almost demonic' voice malfunctions(2 OCs and then of course a few of the canon characters such as Golden Freddy, Mangle, etc). You can keep it how it is, I just figured I'd tell you just in case you change your mind after realizing just how many characters already use it.

HOWEVER, since it is a bit risky for a new member to try to use a character containing a soul of the dead--which is a big step requiring a lot of responsibility--and there are admittedly a few things we aren't too sure about, such as the noose and rather intense jump in sanity loss(remember, killing is one thing, turning into Purple Guy is another x3). It's still being discussed, so feel free to change things while waiting. We'll get back to you soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Molly the Monkey   Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:03 am

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PostSubject: Re: Molly the Monkey   Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:04 am

Thank you very much~!
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PostSubject: Re: Molly the Monkey   Mon Sep 14, 2015 12:44 am

This character has been added to the active character list seen here. If you see any inaccurate information, please inform myself or another admin. We will try to fix any issues as soon as possible.

Topic Approved and Locked

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PostSubject: Re: Molly the Monkey   

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Molly the Monkey
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