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 Canon Application- Bonnie The Bunny

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PostSubject: Canon Application- Bonnie The Bunny   Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:34 pm

1. Which character are you applying for?
-Bonnie the Bunny, specifically I shall be role-playing more as Nightmare Bonnie then regular Bonnie.

2. Why do you wish to roleplay as this character?
-I really like this character and I enjoy role-playing as Bonnie. His personality is great, and I see him as a shy, yet friendly character. I feel there should be at least one innocent character on this forum.

3. Do you have any experience in roleplaying?  If so, please provide a link/screen shot for us to review.
-Yes, it just so happens that I do. This role-play is based off of the anime Attack on Titan, and I am role-playing as the character Levi in a Erwin x Levi fluff role-play. This was done over facebook, and I have only two role-play accounts, both of which are Attack On Titan. There shall be absolutely no mentioning of the show as I role-play as Bonnie here.

4. Do you have any experience roleplaying as the character you are applying as?  If so, please provide a link/screen shot for us to review.
-Yes, I do. This has been done over skype with your famed Admin LuvinMyPoppingcorn. I am currently being Nightmare Bonnie in this scenario, but I have also done human Bonnie in a college rp, the original resturant, and now the house in FNAF 4

5. How often will you be able to check the forum as this character?
-Very often whenever possible. I am currently grounded from my phone, but I still have my internet privileges and shall be on to check at least one to two times every day.

6. Do you agree to the rules established on the forum?  (If not, please explain which ones you have an issue with or have questions about)
-I agree with all rules and guidelines that the admins of this site have established on this forum and will not at all disrespect any wishes my fellow role-players expect to my best ability. I hope to have a fun time role-playing as Bonnie!

7. Do you have any questions/ideas regarding the character you are applying as (this would include any headcanons you may have) ?
-I have no particular questions or ideas at the moment, but when any come to mind, I will not hesitate to Pm one of the admins with one of my idea/questions.

8. Please provide a paragraph or more (5 – 6 sentences is a paragraph) starter as an example of your roleplaying style as this character for us to review.

-Looking around, Bonnie slowly stepped over the rubble in the dining area, only to find himself looking at one of the old surveillance cameras. He was pondering as to if anyone in the old gang was still alive, or if there were any new animatronics he could possibly make friends with, but the thought troubled him. He was usually of the shy sort, the only friends of which he truly talked to were Freddy and Foxy on occasion, but anyone new would scare him slightly. But what choice did he have? After all, he might have been the only survivor after the fire. “H-Hello? Is a-a-anyone the-re?” he shouted cautiously down the charred hallway he was in, his voice distorting a little from his age.

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PostSubject: Re: Canon Application- Bonnie The Bunny   Mon Sep 14, 2015 4:19 pm

For the other admins, if you didn't already know, the first link was to an Attack on Titan roleplay--

Personally, I would have liked a little more in-depth responses, and maybe a synopsis to each of the RP sections, just so I know what I'm looking at.  Because I know zero about Attack on Titan and have no idea what is happening in that RP hah--

Once I've had the chance to speak with the other admins, we'll let you know if you've been approved.  Cool

~Admin LP~

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PostSubject: Re: Canon Application- Bonnie The Bunny   Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:23 pm

You don't even have a normal character on here, nor have you ever posted anything other than this. This is the first time you've posted anything. LP may have forgotten, but at one point the group we have on Skype with all three admins discussed possible base requirements, one of them being that you had to be an active member of the site for a long time. So I'm going to have to disapprove this.
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PostSubject: Re: Canon Application- Bonnie The Bunny   

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Canon Application- Bonnie The Bunny
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