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 Canon Character Rules

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PostSubject: Canon Character Rules   Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:30 pm

Canon Characters are characters from the official Five Nights at Freddy's games, such as Freddy Fazbear, Foxy the Pirate, Chica the Chicken, Bonnie the Bunny, etc. These characters are reused throughout the site and can be played by anyone who meets the requirements and are approved by staff. All who play these characters MUST follow these rules and guidelines, and any caught breaking a rule may have their canon character privileges revoked.

Before you can play a canon character, you must make sure you have read and thoroughly understand these rules and guidelines. If you have any questions, PM any of the administrators, and we will be happy to help you.

  • All important character events will be documented here, which includes anything that affects how the character is roleplayed. Social relationships will NOT be saved, so once a member forfeits roleplaying rights over a character, the character's memories will for the most part be reset, unless of course the next person to roleplay that character happens to know some of those relationships. All members should keep this in mind, not just the people roleplaying said canon characters.
  • A canon character is not any better than other characters; the only real difference is their longer work experience, the fact that they are reused characters on the site, and they are affected a little differently as opposed to others during certain monthly events. Still, they must be handled responsibly and with care.
  • You cannot alter the appearances of canon characters via Springtrap's shop or any other ways.
  • Items used on canon characters are lost when the character is forfeited by the member who bought the items. They are not carried over to the next roleplayer who nabs the character.
  • The canon characters cannot be "killed" or disassembled, but can be seriously harmed(they will eventually be fixed, though). They are not invincible, and have no boosts, buffs, or advantages in fights or capture just because they are canon. If you roleplay a canon character, make sure to be careful when roleplaying fights and such and make sure to keep things fair.
  • Some canon characters are considered more special than others, simply because these are the few that kind of do have "buffs" and the like, due to their story's background or role in the actual games. These characters will require extreme care when roleplaying, and the admins will be much more cautious of approving applications for them. Such characters include Golden Freddy/Fredbear(Considered one of the most dangerous phantoms with the ability to highjack electrical devices in the building, teleport just about anywhere on the property, and cause intense hallucinations), the Marionette/Puppet(Knows a great deal of information about some more mysterious characters, such as Fredbear, Springtrap, and the Purple Guy, and generally is a very ominous phantom with abilities better explained over PM), Purple Guy and Springtrap(those who play one play both, as they come in a sort of package, and generally have a very unique way of being roleplayed and very dangerous skills and knowledge; pm for more details), and the Mangle(better explained through PM).
  • You can use a canon character as long as you like, but unlike with normal characters, your rights on roleplaying the character on this site will be revoked if you go inactive for too long. However, if you become active again, you are more than welcome to apply for the character you lost again, being someone else hasn't already grabbed them. THERE IS, HOWEVER, AN EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE: After you've roleplayed a canon character actively and responsibly for at least five months, and that character is strongly desired by multiple people, applications for that character will be opened again. This does not mean you lose the character, or at least not right away. Applications will simply be open, so new people can apply. If staff finds someone able to fill the spot of that character responsibly and actively, then that person will take over and THEN you will lose the character, as a way to give other people a chance at roleplaying that canon character. For being a responsible member, you will be given a compensation of 50 batteries, 10 cranks, 20 oil cans, and a Golden Ticket.
  • Some canon characters run shops. Despite this, you have absolutely NO rule over said shops. All shops are run by the administrators of the site.
  • The admins of the site can at any point revoke your roleplaying rights to the character at any point for any reason and you must understand this. We will try to be fair and just when it comes to revoking characters, and doing such is considered a "last resort" type action, but it CAN happen, and once it does, you CANNOT continue roleplaying said character until you reapply and get reapproved for it.

These rules can be changed at any time.
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Canon Character Rules
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