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 Checkers the Husky

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PostSubject: Checkers the Husky   Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:24 pm

Robot Information

Name(s): Checkers the Husky
Gender(?): male -He, his, him
Species Husky
Body Color(s): Black and White
Eye Color(s): cold blue
Reason for Decommission: overshadowed by Foxy and Mangle.
Intended Function: Child watcher. He ran a daycare of sorts.
Personality: Super happy about everything.
Unique Structural Features: Tongue hangs from his mouth.
Passive/Neutral/Aggressive: Passive unless Foxy or Mangle are mentioned.
Backstory: Checkers was without a doubt the most popular animatronic for the kids to play with. He ran a daycare center where he watched over the children. Then Foxy and Mangle were introduced as new animatronics and no one ever visited the daycare center anymore, so Checkers was put out of commission. He seeks revenge on Mangle and Foxy to this day. Chuck, Checkers' human spirit, was Checkers' biggest fan and loved the animatronic. When he found out the daycare went out of commission, he was destroyed. The purple guy lured Chuck into a false  "New Daycare" and killed him.
Other(?): He's really good at chess but sucks at Checkers.He also takes on the happy, care-free persona of his human spirit until Foxy or Mangle are brought up. Then his revenge-seeking animatronic side becomes sentient and takes over.

Human Information

Name(s): Chuckie (Chuck)
Race: caucasian
Hair Color(s): Black
Eye Color(s): blue
Age: 14
Gender: male -he, him, his
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 136lbs
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PostSubject: Re: Checkers the Husky   Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:17 pm

Chucky Cheese

I find it strange that the animatronic is the vengeful one and the dead child's spirit is the happy one. Well, mostly the latter, but let's assume for now that maybe there's a reason for it, since that's just a little tidbit compared to the rest of the creation.

Also, was he replaced twice? Foxy and Mangle didn't appear at the same time; in fact, far from it. And while the restaurant can have many diverse features since it's a kid-themed pizzeria, which are often known to have some sort of random little attractions of sorts for kids, I'm not sure if a daycare really fits. I mean, a daycare in a pizzeria? It seems a little strange for parents to go to a pizza place full of robots without the best history(no matter how far back you go, when you think about it...Thanks, FNaF 4) to drop off their kids for a while why they go about their day. Heck, they'd probably be better off hiring a cheap babysitter to stay at home.
However you did say "of sorts", which makes me wonder if you were more trying to reference a play area of sorts where the kids could go while waiting for their food and the parents wouldn't have to watch them. On the other hand, I'm just making assumptions, so it'd be great if you could clarify.

Otherwise the rest of the creation looks great to me. I won't approve it just yet, as I want to talk to LP some in case I missed anything, but if you can do a little clarifying between now and when I get back to it, then it should be ready to go.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkers the Husky   Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:43 am

^ What she said

~Admin LP~

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PostSubject: Re: Checkers the Husky   

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Checkers the Husky
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